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GDPR Compliance Consultancy
for each type of business

Every type of company, regardless the size or turnover, can be fined for violations.

Therefore, we provide services for every type of company.


Look at the services below and choose which works best for your organisation!

Clarity and security with a discussion and email feedback


A proper set up of practices and documentation.

Set up

You need a person, available, for ongoing assistance.


Micro-bite training in data protection and cyber security.


1:2:1 session 

1-6 weeks 


3-6 minutes 



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Total time: 2 hours  

Investment: €317 


During this hour we will go through your data processing activities, address your concerns, and what you need in place to comply with data protection laws concerning your long-term business goals. 

Leave this hour with clarity and security on what you need to do to be safe from data protection fines.


  • Clarity about your activities

  • Custom and direct walkthrough on what rules apply to you directly. 

  • Understanding what you need to do to be compliant

  • Receive insights on practical risks (that could lead to fines) 

  • Documentation templates 

  • Reply / review of your template


Set up

Time: 1 - 6 weeks

Investment: starting from €3275 


You need expert support that will look at your business activities and personal data and can provide answers with documentation so you can keep on building on top of that. 

This service can be done within one week or six weeks, which depends on your organisational factors, such as the type of your activities, the type of personal data that you are processing, the documentation you already have in place, and the number of employees and data subjects. 

Therefore, prior to this service we can have a complimentary 15 call, or email exchange to receive a final offer. 


  • A top-to-bottom custom guide related to your data protection requirements and documentation.

  • One-year access to our personally designed data protection software, Desk, where we have structured your data protection obligations. 


  • A full review of your data protection contracts and documentation, or provision of necessary policies and documentation.

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Time: weekly or monthly 

Investment: starting from €975 


You need expert available, guiding management, setting up data protection requirements within the organisation, handling employee questions, but without the costs of an employee. 

This service is provided on the basis of a retainer, starting from 3 hours per month, which includes 1-2 monthly meetings, a full set up of data protection compliance, review of documentation, tools and contracts, representing (where required) the company as a data protection officer, a daily check of a specific data protection email inbox (if you have wished to set this up), and potential slack channel, and an annual company training. 


  • Custom implementation of data protection requirements and documentation.

  • Working directly with your staff, and representing the organisation as your employee/ data protection officer. 

  • Access to our personally designed data protection software, Desk, where we have structured your data protection obligations. 



Time: 3-6 minutes 

Investment: starting from €8,00 

Schedule a demo


You need your staff to understand when data protection rules come into play, and how to recognise cyber security red flags, but you do not have the means or time available to train them extensively. 

We have designed micro-bite trainings and awareness courses related to data protection and cyber security, which take per course 3-6 minutes only! 

The training content and frequency can be entirely customised!

The most important thing: you are ensured, economically and efficiently, that you have complied with the law. 

Trainings are designed and implemented via our partnership:


A minimum of five courses, 3-6 minutes each, related to:  

  • Recognising personal data

  • Using and sharing personal data

  • Data security

  • Email and phishing

  • Safe Internet use

These include the standard trainings, but all modules can be customised entirely. 

Each of your employee receives an automatic link in their email to partake in the courses. The trainings include key information, questions, and practice scenarios, about data protection and cyber security. 

An an employer, you receive a signed log of completed courses by employees. 

The employer also receive a GDPR guide with templates and data protection requirements to consult. 



Book a clarity session and get expert instructions on DIY-data protection with templates. 



Set up confident, to grow further, understand risks, and monitor via our software.

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Your own DPO, available and accessible, as if one of your own employees.

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