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Companies in medical and health

You are working with patient-related personal data or from regular individuals, such as directly identifiable or pseudonymised information, related to an individual's health, sexual orientation, or sex life.

You have certain business goals, such as collecting reports, providing a service, designing a medicine, or a medical device, doing research, or you wish, in the longer run, to start partnerships and license your (perhaps patented) product. 



Data mapping

Legal scope 

Future goals


Policies and SOP's



The process for setting up data protection in medical and health is much more extensive because the data is considered extra sensitive. 


While you can change your financial information, such as your bank card, or account number within minutes, you cannot change your medical records, or symptom logs.


Therefore, the possible damage to an individual when this data is breached is much higher. 

We will dive into the type of personal data you wish to collect, or are collecting, and explore the legal bases against your business goals.

We review and consider the set or negotiated scope in your agreements, and material possibilities in the company. 

We look at the business goals in the longterm and how the data activities can legally follow along. 

We compile a checklist of technical and organisational security measures and assess risks. We understand if personal data is, or must be, pseudonymised, and on what level.

We draft documentation and implement policy, or standard operational procedures process with signing log. 

We look at the processing within the organisation, roles and responsibilities, and train staff accordingly.

At least annually we review everything we have in place and adjust accordingly. 


Your own DPO, available and accessible, as if one of your own employees.


Set up confident, to grow further, understand risks, and monitor via our software.


Book a clarity session and get expert instructions on DIY-data protection with templates. 

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