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Meet your GDPR consultant

I'm Steffi. A Dutch / European lawyer, specialised in the European General Data Protection Regulation, the 'GDPR'.  Over the past ten years, I have worked in, and with, a variety of companies and organisations, in the medical health sector, online commerce, and online companies building technical applications, from both the United States and different countries in Europe. 

I love to come up with solutions. Working from this angle, I strive to get each company compliant with the data protection rules.

Therefore, my only objective is to make sure everyone in your organisation, from top to bottom, understand what they are doing, when data protection comes into play, and how to recognise (and act upon) risky scenarios.

When we start working together, you do not find me judgmental. I'm not a privacy advocate, I'm a lawyer with solutions. 




About Quarto Compliance as your
GDPR Compliance Consultancy

Quarto Compliance is a GDPR consultancy set up by Steffi Besselink, LL.M. 
Steffi holds a law degree from the VU University Amsterdam, and a Master of Law from Stockholm, Sweden.

Steffi has also completed the Data Protection Officer exam by the European Institute for Public Administration in 2020.

Quarto Compliance  provides services with Steffi as the main consultant, and additional assistance via contractors and freelancers, when the need and expertise arises.

The Desk software, designed by Quarto Compliance, is supported by Resimator, an IT service firm in Finland.  

The data protection and cyber security micro-trainings are designed under a partnership, named: Ensuredly, to be found at



Book a clarity session and get expert instructions on DIY-data protection with templates. 



Set up confident, to grow further, understand risks, and monitor via our software.

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Your own DPO, available and accessible, as if one of your own employees.

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