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E-commerce and online fashion

You sell products online. Often, at most, e-commerce companies collect few data points 'per individual' such as, names, emails, birth dates, and addresses. But, perhaps you are creating pseudonymised marketing profiles, are you tracking people, and building a database with over 5000 customers. 

As e-commerce, you must be careful because you have one additional danger on your path: disgruntled customers, who will file a complaint with authorities due to an unrelated customer service experience. 



Data mapping

Legal bases 

Risks and Security




With e-commerce we often start backwards: from the point of view of the customer, the data subject. 


The 'Disgruntled Customer' is no strange concept to any e-commerce. However, in data protection, The Disgruntled Customer can cause expensive trouble.

We start by understanding from the customer's point of view, what personal data you collect, and then we match the transparent information with the internal activities.

We look at the business goals, marketing, and how personal data is collected and consented to. 

We compile a checklist of technical and organisational security measures and assess risks. We also look at what personal data is to be seen where, and by who, within your systems. 

We draft documentation and implement policies where necessary, such as data subject right policies.

We look at the processing within the organisation, roles and responsibilities, and train staff accordingly.

At least annually we review everything we have in place and adjust accordingly. 



Book a clarity session and get expert instructions on DIY-data protection with templates. 



Set up confident, to grow further, understand risks, and monitor via our software.

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Your own DPO, available and accessible, as if one of your own employees.

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