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Freelancers and Small business

You are by yourself or part of a small business with up to 12 employees. This means roles and responsibilities are often overlapping, and tools are being used because they are fast, simple, and economically advantageous. 
The risk of damage and breaches could be detrimental to your business. 



Legality of data

Business goals 

Security checklist 




The process for setting up data protection for freelancers and small agencies starts with the type of services and personal data that is processed throughout the service, the related tools that are being used, and a review of the documentation. 

During this process, data protection risks are assessed and an alternative or workaround is provided considering the company's economical means, technical know-how, and business goals. 

We review in one go the legal scope of the personal data collected, processed, data subjects, and agreement limitations.

We look at the business goals in the longterm and how the data activities can legally follow along. 

We compile a checklist aspects to check, to review, and to monitor. Our Desk software helps with that tremendously to save you time and investment, without lacking compliance. 

We draft documentation and point towards the issues that you need to pay attention to when signing on new customers or clients. 

We look at your business, roles and responsibilities, and train the entire team accordingly. 

At least annually review the documentation in place (or log into our software) and adjust accordingly. 



Book a clarity session and get expert instructions on DIY-data protection with templates. 



Set up confident, to grow further, understand risks, and monitor via our software.

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Your own DPO, available and accessible, as if one of your own employees.

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