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GDPR Compliance Consultancy

A hands-on effective and efficient setup
for businesses to prevent and avoid data protection fines.







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Each European data protection authority, from where you process people's personal data (e.g. website visits), can fine your business for not being compliant with the rules and obligations of the European General Data Protection Regulation, or the 'GDPR'.


Once authorities have determined a violation in your practices, fines are a cumulation of your personal day rate which is derived from 2% or 4% percent from your entire annual turnover of the previous year (depending on the type of violation). Other factors weigh in, such as, how long did the violation exist, who has been affected, how prepared were you and what have you done to prevent the violation. 


With fines so high, it is a waste to take the risk, when you have the means to save your business with hands-on expert support.

How sure are you?

We worked with these companies: 

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Hiring GDPR expertise

Setting up data protection can feel very challenging  when you are not familiar with diving into the legal compliance world.

But for some, that's what makes things all the more interesting and worthwhile! 


Finding the right assistance with setting up your data protection compliance, can be daunting.


Read more about me to learn if we would work well together.

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