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Quarto Compliance

GDPR Consultancy;
DPO as-a-Service 

Personal European Certified Data Protection Officer
with a GDPR Compliance monitoring software

Providing a thorough understanding of data protection compliance 
specifically in the field of health and life sciences

Quarto Compliance is a data protection consultancy, that provides data protection officer representation or expertise support to your internal DPO, specifically to providers of medical devices serving hospitals, small pharma, CRO's, biotech, or other companies processing sensitive personal data.


We set up, monitor and are your expert DPO on call.

Data protection is limiting your business and risking clients

unless you know how the rules apply to your business

A Data Protection Officer must be appointed when processing personal data related to health. By law, such a person must give unbiased advice and knowledgeable guidance so that management can make reasonable decisions.


Your designated DPO, or, if you already have a DPO, your backbone assistant, shall be Steffi Besselink, European lawyer and certified Data Protection Officer, and founder of Quarto Compliance.

Personal Data Protection Officer

Steffi and her team do not only help you to set up GDPR, but also to stay on top of data protection requirements. We review your existing documentation, review third parties you are working with, and while you run forward doing business, we run right behind you to make sure you remain compliant with our inhouse designed DPO tool, 'Desk'. 


We understand the company's needs: a legal expert understanding the specifics in the field, an easy-to-reach- colleague, flexible enough to come with customisable and practical solutions, yet economically sustainable. 

GDPR set up and keep up

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What clients say

"As a Quality Assurance Manager I learned so much from Steffi personally about the GDPR rules and how to implement them in a practical way"

A quality assurance specialist for a company providing a medical device and analysis

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