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GDPR Consultancy; DPO as-a-Service 

Your personal European Certified Data Protection Officer
with a GDPR Compliance software

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Hire your Personal DPO

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Gap analysis

We start your GDPR: 

  • what is needed

  • what is already there

  • what is missing

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GDPR set up

We set up:

  • Review and adjust existing working systems

  • Add missing SOP's/ policies 

  • Add DPO via SOP/policy and set up tasks and schedule

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Train staff

We train you GDPR:

  • DPO trains staff at least annually on GDPR and internal policies

  • Keep a log of training

  • Update staff if company policies are modified

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We monitor your GDPR:

  • you provide us updates and we monitor the internal logs

  • DPO sends a monthly GDPR update report

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GDRP internal audit

  • DPO should review annually your working systems

  • DPO annually reviews documentation and policies


Personal DPO

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GDPR Software

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EU Compliance

Quarto Legal

Your European gdpr headquarters

easy to keep your entire compliance up-to-date 

Advantages of working with us: 

  • Experience with setting up and monitoring GDPR in companies like CRO's, small pharma, biotech, startups, fashion tech, and businesses focused on minors


  • Experience with genomics contracts, risk assessments, data and material transfer agreements, and reporting data breaches.

  • We make it easy for you with direct and personal contact, meetings, monthly reports, and an online service system where you and your data protection staff log in to stay updated on how GDPR is set up in your business. 


Become familiar with these European data protection definitions. In practice they make a difference in what is expected from you, others you hire, those who hire you, and which responsibilities each role carries.

GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

Read more

Applies to EU companies and citizens, and international companies processing personal data in/from EU

Read more

Applies to EU companies and citizens, and international companies processing personal data in/from EU

Personal data

Read more

Any information, coded or not, related to a person, until it's considered anonymous. Ex: name, work email, ..

Data subject

Read more

A natural person. A data subject has data protection rights.

Data Controller

Read more

The person or company deciding the purpose and use for personal data collection.

Data Processor

Read more

The person or company acting on behalf / following instructions from the Data Controller

Processing personal data

Read more

Any action by anyone (also controller) related to personal data; e.g. access, viewing, erasing, sharing...

Data Protection Authority

Read more

The GDPR enforcement office in every EU Member State. Investigates and fines in case of non-compliance.

Data Protection Officer

Read more

Mandatory for some companies. Point of contact for authorities, provides GDPR guidance on risks, training...

Data Breaches

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Any unauthorized processing (access, receiving, viewing, etc.) of personal data. Follow the data breach protocol


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Have the mandatory documentation in place, keep this updated, and raise awareness among staff.

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