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Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of the European Startup Lawyer. These terms apply to all products displayed on this website.  Separate agreements with the European Startup Lawyer always prevail above these terms and conditions. 

CONTACT information: 

Legal Startup Team [resp. European Startup Lawyer]

Karjalankatu 10 B 27

00520 Helsinki, Finland 

These terms and conditions respect the regulation of the European Consumer Rights Directive 2019/2161.


A] Products in the TEMPLATE PACKAGE

You are purchasing the GDPR template package which includes;

- Documentation to assist in compliance with the GDPR;

- Appointment for your Data Protection Officer or EU Representative;

- Review of two documents per year;

- Ten email questions per month.


If you are missing documents within the Template package, you may contact your DPO at We will try to provide you the additional document, however, we are not bound to include additional documents as part of the template package. Additional documents may be subject for additional charge. At the moment of ordering, you will be notified about potential additional costs. 


B] Products in the DPO SERVICE PACKAGE

You are purchasing the DPO Service Package which includes; 

- Data Protection Officer contact information;

- All documentation required by the GDPR;

- 5 [five] hours of additional guidance, advice, training, review of contracts and audits; 

- Unlimited email support. 

Documents are delivered per order and throughout the year. Additionally requested GDPR documents will be delivered as part of the package, if reasonably possible.


Additional services, outside the scope or hours of the purchased products, are charged per hour [€145,00 exclusive VAT]. You will at all times be notified if your orders or requests will be subjected to an hourly rate. 



All services and packages are available for 1 [one] year. After that, the product cannot be downloaded anymore, and the Data Protection Officer services end, unless the package is being re-ordered.



The template package, once ordered, is immediately available for download. Therefore it cannot be returned, it being a digital intellectual product.


The DPO Service package can be returned and fully reimbursed within 14 days, minus the costs for already delivered work. If the entire folder and requested documents are being delivered within the returning period, returns are not possible anymore, being it an intellectual digital and customized product.



This folder is meant to document your GDPR design within your company. If you have affiliates that are subject to your head management and connected to your GDPR design, you may use this package for your affiliates, and modify the documents to your liking. It is not permitted to re-sell or re-distribute this product outside your company affiliates.


G] Data Protection Officer - DPO - or EU Representative Appointment

This folder has included an appointed Data Protection Officer or European Representative contact. The appointment and support is valid for one year. We will send you a reminder before the end of the year to re-purchase the product to keep the ongoing contact and reference information and monthly support.


It falls under the responsibility of the Client to make use of the services, hours and documents. It is not possible to transfer any service hours, support, or review from one service year to the next. 



Pursuant Article 24 and 37 of the GDPR, you, controllers and processors are responsible for GDPR compliance. The DPO cannot be held personally liable or responsible for any outcome related to its services. 

The European Startup Lawyer has no control over decisions from the National Authorities and, despise doing its utmost best to prevent the client from fines, it cannot possibly guarantee any outcome. 

When ordering the package, the Customer holds the European Startup Lawyer harmless against all claims, losses and costs of any kind arising out of the Company of the Customer. 

The European Startup Lawyer is only liable for damages caused, as a direct result from the execution of the services, in willful neglect or intent. The liability will not exceed the amount of the package ordered. 

The European Startup Lawyer cannot be held liable for any damages caused by services provided by Third Parties, such as banking institutions. The Client indemnifies the European Startup Lawyer against all Third-Party claims that are related to the services from the Provider. 


The Provider cannot be held liable in case of events of force majeure, such as, but not limited to, labor disputes, strikes, pandemics, disturbance of power, computer viruses, unforeseen transportation problems, bad weather conditions and work stoppages.


If a situation of force majeure arises of which the Provider cannot fulfill one or more obligations towards the client, these obligations will be suspended until the Provider can comply with it. Alternatively, both Parties will look for a solution in good faith.


In the event the European Startup lawyer modifies these terms and conditions, the terms that are online on the moment of purchasing are binding. 


These terms are subject to Finnish law. In an event of dispute, the Finnish courts will have sole jurisdiction. 

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