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Data Protection Officer

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We provide DPO as-a-service in a variety of forms, depending on the need, volume, and type of business.

For example we can be merely an extra support extension, all the way up to be fully incorporated into your team with a 'dpo' slack channel, managing your 'dpo' or 'dataprotection@company-email', and have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings with your management and/or team members. We adapt to your working systems and can work with your preferred tools.

Our internal software is always included in the price so you can monitor our activities as well as understanding within seconds how GDPR applies to you and how you comply to its requirements.

Read below what a DPO does, if you need one, and contact us for a free exploratory meeting to assess needs, pricing and set-up.

EU / UK Representative

When you are established outside the EEA (European Union + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, which have adopted GDPR in the European Economic Agreement) you must appoint a person or company to figure as a point of contact between you and the European data protection authorities and data subjects

We provide this service in the simplest form of insurance to a DPO-like GDPR compliance representation, where we assess on a regular (monthly, bi-weekly or weekly) basis if there are any compliance or risky aspects in your activities and how we can solve this in an easy and practical manner.

Since UK is not part of the EU anymore you must incorporate a UK representative registered at the UK data protection office (ICO) when processing data from UK data subjects. Reversed, UK companies must appoint a EU representative. Quarto Legal is registered both in UK and in Finland. We've made it easy for you! 

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