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From being your appointed Data Protection Officer, to your DPO's assistant to help monitoring your data protection compliance, our services all include specialised and customised GDPR consultancy

Investigating & data mapping

We will investigate what personal data you are processing by meeting with relevant staff and reviewing your services, activities, tools and documentation.


After we understood what data you process in relation to what it is you do, we will help you draft documentation and data processing agreements in such way that it reflects your activities and goals.


There is no use in having policies if no one understands them, or even knows what they include. After setup we train the entire company staff on GDPR in your business. 


A GDPR setup is often not a clean set-up path of different phases, no matter how organised we are and hard we try. This is often due to the need of several team members needing to work together.


The DPO cannot write policies without input from the team. In return, the team only comes to understand, after working together with the DPO, what type of questions need DPO involvement.

Therefore, GDPR is always a work in progress. Most of our clients are on a 5-hour retainer. The first months we make often some extra hours, however, after the initial setup our experience is that monitoring and ongoing support works excellent in those five hours.  

We love reaching the 'monitoring' phase because it is the phase where GDPR becomes practical for both you as us. We do our utmost best to get you here via our flexible and personal approach, and our internal DPO monitoring tool 'Desk.'

What do you get from us?

Quarto Compliance provides you a designated DPO or DPO assistant, with expertise in one of the most complicated fields in GDPR. We provide regular meetings, at your convenience. These can be regular 'open-door' meetings, or check-ins via email or phone. We provide reports, assessments, documentation review and answer questions whenever your client or an authority is requesting as such. 

In addition, as part of our service, we use our internally developed and monitored software to make sure all data protection documentation is up to date. You have a special login to update and download your information or review our work. 


Ready to get started?

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