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We are a company with expertise in the field, a willingness to adapt, and an eagerness to find solutions. GDPR is not rocket science, nor does it have to be a headache. 

Having a wide range of experience in both US and different European countries and backgrounds, we don't work with a 9-5 mentality. Nor do we ask for extra pay for work done after 'office hours' because we don't do office hours. We respect you and your deadlines, as you try to meet those of your clients.


We believe personal contact is key. We become colleagues and colleagues help each other out, even on a Saturday night.


A presentation at the office
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Steffi Besselink, ll.m

Founder, lawyer, DPO

Steffi has fulfilled a full Law degree from VU Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and Stockholm University in Sweden. She is also employed by the University of Helsinki in providing legal assistance in genomic agreements, material transfer agreements, and other international research agreements and data protection matters. 

Steffi is a certified Data Protection Officer, which certification is provided by the European Institute for Public Administration in Maastricht, Netherlands.


Sonia linguanti, Msc

DPO Administrative Assistant

Sonia has fulfilled a full Master's degree in Social science in Italy. She worked at the European Chemicals Agency as an Administrator Assistant where she provided regulatory advice and educational materials to the industry. 

Sonia has been closely involved at Quarto Legal from the beginning and is the backbone of the DPO.

Our partners

terkko health hub.png

The Terkko Health Hub is a co-working space in Helsinki, Finland, for startups and in health and life sciences. 


We are always ready to provide a GDPR event for Terkko.

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